Albuquerque, New Mexico

Black Lives Matter

Now is the time for UNITY.
Now is the time for ACTION.

TOGETHER we can change Albuquerque. TOGETHER we can change our world.

Dear Burque brothers and sisters,

Racial prejudice is the most challenging issue America has ever faced. Its goal is to divide us. We must not allow it any longer. Now is the time for UNITY. Now is the time for powerful, productive, positive change. We can only do this TOGETHER. Together we can work for justice. Together we can lift each other up. Together we can change our community. Together we can change our country. Together we can change our world. We invite you to join us. Raise the B.A.R. 

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Burque Against Racism is holding a Pledge Drive!  This isn’t your typical pledge drive, we’re mixing things up.  We are not asking you to pledge money to assist us with operating costs, instead, we are asking you to make a pledge, a personal pledge to end racism. Please make a pledge to end racism on the form below.  We will scroll these pledges on our website, social media, and in the background of virtual community events.

Thank you,
Burque Against Racism (B.A.R.)